Friday, May 13, 2011

Lamaze Chime Garden-A Little Piece of Alice in Wonderland

First off, so sorry I did not post yesterday! Blogger decided to shut down for the entire day, so I took a mandatory break :) After a nice cocktail and an early bedtime, I am back rearing to go!
Today's post is about the Lamaze Chime Garden:

There is just something about this toy that makes me think about the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland.  The toy has 3 different settings: chimes, song segments and full song play.  The 5 flowers are activated by your baby's touch!  It also has an on/off setting so you can store it without making noise.
This toy just makes me smile, and Mr. F loves that he can activate the flowers with just a little tap!
Disclosure: None.

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