Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break With Kids Is Rough-Here Is My LifeSaver!

For some reason, this particular Spring Break is eating me alive! I have planned so many fun activities for LoLo (4) and LaLa (3), and they just always seem to be in a bad mood! They get tons of sleep, eat well, are healthy, yet they both are in that "I cry because he looked at me wrong mood!" Well, I decided that if we were going to just stay in and not deal with the added stress of a day trip (where everyone is crying), then we might as well do something active.

This is why I am so glad we bought the Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer:

We originally purchased this bouncer for the kid's birthday party last year because it was actually cheaper to buy this one than rent one!  I love that it does not take up a ton of room (we even put it up inside the living room once), and that it inflates easily in less than 2 minutes.  It is just the right size for kids under 10, and is easy for even preschoolers to get in and out of.  We keep ours out on the back porch, and recently (now that the weather is warmer) decided to get it going again.  We blew it up and wiped it down and noticed that it had 3 small holes where air was coming out.  Good news was that since the motor is constantly blowing the bouncer up, it did not effect the kids use of it.  They still were able to use it well, and with a little duck tape it was as good as new.

This toy has really been a life saver for the kids this Spring Break, and was worth every penny! After all, it is cheaper than spending your days out and about at local attractions for an entire two weeks.

Disclosure: None, I purchased this myself.

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  1. Everyone loves these, I might have to get one soon.


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