Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sandbox Medical-Great Company That Cares About Customers!

Do you ever wonder where in the world good customer service went? Even just thinking back when I was a kid, I remember when you could go into a store and ask a salesperson a question and they would take you to the item, rather than just grunt and point at an aisle! So when I recently contacted Sandbox Medical regarding their GumDrop pacifier, I was floored that I was actually contacted that very day by a real person!

I had inquired about their GumDrop pacifier because I had read on a few other mommy blogs that their babies liked them a lot (some more than the popular Soothie), and I wanted to find out more.

Here is what I found out:
  • Sandbox Medical is the original source for the Hawaii Medical GumDrop pacifier, the exact same GumDrop used in hospitals -  NOT First Years brand who makes a knock-off GumDrop with the same name.
  •  GumDrop pacifiers have an inner guard, covered with medical grade silicone. The Soothie is also made of silicone, only I feel GumDrop is formed more ergonomically to fit babies mouth.  See picture below.
  •  They can be hooked onto a pacifier clip, which can be purchased together with the pacifier or in a combo package:
  •  I really liked the CuddleSquare that I received which was a pacifier clip that attaches to a small blanket square:
The main reason I suggest purchasing from this company is because of its amazing customer service.  I was able to speak with the creator of the GumDrop about its design, as well as hear some more about some new upcoming products in the works! I can't tell you what they are (yet), but I am very excited to test and review some of them in the future.

I suggest purchasing items from Sandbox Medical as a gift.  The Baby Bundle pack comes in a cute little bag with colorful grass, wrapped in bright tissue paper with a ribbon and a lei! The other items I received were wrapped very cute as well.

It is so nice to know that customer service is not dead completely.  Now if they could train some of the large chain stores I shop at!

These opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post.  I did receive some products from this company to review.

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