Friday, April 22, 2011

My Love Affair With Crocs And Jibbitz

Well, the truth must come out...I LOVE Crocs.  Seriously, what Mom could not love Crocs.  They are indestructible, wipe clean with a baby wipe, stay on feet great, protect little toes, and can be worn on any surface (even sand)!  So now that you know my little secret, you can probably guess that I love Jibbitz as well.  I especially like the light-up Jibbitz series.  The kids enjoy the cute characters that are offered, such as Tinkerbell and Buzz Lightyear, and I love that they light up with every step so I can easily find them in dark theaters!

These Jibbitz look great tied on top of a birthday present, or in an Easter basket.

Disclosure: None, I purchased these myself.

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