Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lindsay Phillips SwitchFlops- Review and GIVEAWAY ENDS 4/22

The cutest little things arrived in the mail yesterday!
These are the Lindsay Phillips SwitchFlops for kids, and they are just so adorable.  I decided to put them out for LaLa when she got home, and her reaction was hysterical! She went "Oh! Are these for you Mom?"  I said no.  "Are they for ME?!"  When I told her they were she just squealed and put them on right away.  After she went and showed her brother and Dad, she wanted to call her Nonna and Papa to tell them about her cute new shoes too.  She proceeded to wear them all evening until bedtime.

If you have never heard about SwitchFlops before, let me tell you a little more about them:
  • They are just like flip flop sandals, but you can change out the strap for other straps-making it very cost-effective since you only need to buy one pair of shoes! 
  • The straps can be purchased separately and attach with Velcro.
  • The straps come in tons of different colors, patterns and fabrics.  You can also order personalized straps with any saying you want!
  • SwitchFlops come in sizes small, medium, and large for adults as well as girls.
  • They are very well made and are not flimsy.
  • SwitchFlops are made by Lindsay Phillips who also makes many other sandals and shoes with the same idea (you can change out straps, snaps, etc).
  • They are very comfortable! The foam really absorbs the weight of the foot when walking.  I have worn mine for hours at a time with no problems (and I have a very high arch).


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