Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dr. Brown's Bottles-Only The Best For My Baby

I must admit, I did not start out with my first born with the Dr. Brown's bottles.  I found these when I was looking for a good alternative to breast feeding that would be a good transition for him without creating too much gas (which he was prone too).  That's when I found Dr. Brown's bottles.  I love that these bottles are BPA free, easy to clean all parts in the dishwasher, fast to assemble (one-handed), durable (have lasted through 3 kids), and do NOT cause any bubbles to transfer to baby.  I could see that all the bubbles were filtered out from passing through the nipple, and my son had less gas from these than he did from gulping down breast milk! Amazing.

Now flash forward 4 years and 3 kids later.  I am still using the same bottles (just bought some new nipples) with my third born, and love them just as much.  I truly can not recommend these enough.  Only brand I will ever use for bottles!

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