Monday, April 18, 2011

Cloud B Twilight Turtle-Soothing Night Light with Timer

This Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle has been a huge hit in our house for the last few years.  I really am not a fan of traditional night lights because they are often too bright, and do not aid in good sleep habits.  When my children were infants, I would never use a night light so that their bodies would learn to fall asleep when it was dark.  I even have blackout shades for all of our rooms.

Now that the kids are a little older, they are beginning to worry about sleeping in a completely dark room.  Night-Night Turtle to the rescue!

This night light comes in either a turtle or ladybug body with 3 light choices (Amber, Green and Blue).  It projects the constellations on to your ceiling in a nice soft light that is not too bright.  The timer keeps the light on for 45 minutes.  It can be placed on the floor, table, dresser-anywhere in the room really.  I love the cute shape, the calm and soothing colors, and the fact that it has a timer.  My kids now know that when the light goes out, it is time for bed.

Makes a great gift too!

Disclosure:  None. I purchased this myself.

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