Friday, April 8, 2011

Carry Your Family Tree With You

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is this family tree branch necklace from Birth Designs.  I first discovered it on ETSY and fell in love.  After I recieved it, I was amazed at the quality and strength of the metal.  The branch itself looks very flimsy online, but actually it is thick metal that holds up to baby tugging on it!  I got it with my name, hubby's name, and the two kids...then added Mr. F's name disc after his birth.  I am really happy with the design, and get tons of compliments.  The clasp in the back is really easy to hook and is adjustable.  It is sterling silver, so it does need to be polished every time I wear it-but that only takes a few seconds with a cloth.
I highly recommend this necklace!
Would make a great baby shower gift.

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