Friday, April 22, 2011

Blast Off With Mickey's Airplane Ride-On

We first received this Mickey Airplane Ride-On with the birth of LoLo four years ago, and it has a been a favorite ever since.  Each kid has been fascinated by the spinning foam propellers and led lights.  It is like watching a moth and a flame...truly comical!

Now that Mr. F is cruisin', he loves this toy even more.  I like that it is very stable and does not tip over when he uses it to stand up on.  The push bar in the rear makes it very easy for him to walk behind, and is light enough for him to maneuver.  He is not yet to the ride-on age, but I remember with LaLa that she would book it down the hall faster than I could run after her.

Makes a great birthday present for a one year old!

Disclosure: None, this was a gift from a family member.

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