Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Activity Jumper That Folds FLAT

I really was hesitant to buy an activity jumper for Mr. F, but with two other kids to chase after I found I needed a "safe" place to put him where he would be entertained.  I had read many reviews of different jumpers, and while they sounded great-they just took up so much space!  I didn't really want to devote a whole corner of the living room to a jumper!  So, when I found the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper and saw how it can be folded flat-I was sold. 
This jumper has a lot of other great features as well, such as:
  • 6 loops to hook toys on the outer bars
  • a musical piano with 3 different settings
  • lots of lights and sound (that can also be turned off)
  • does not take up as much room as most activity jumpers
  • seat rotates 360 degrees so baby can spin to his favorite spot
  • 3 adjustable heights so it can grow with your baby
  • under $75, making it less expensive than most others
  • easy to set up
  • easy to clean

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