Friday, March 25, 2011

Switch Flops-Must Have Spring Shoe!

I recently discovered SwitchFlops by Lindsay Phillips and I am in LOVE! Nothing says "I live in Southern California" more than a pair of flip flops, but the space they take up when you have to buy one for every outfit...not fun. That's why I love switch-flops.  You just buy one pair in a style you like, then can buy different strap sets in tons of fabric, color, and pattern choices! I have the basic tan switch-flops that came with the tan and white polka dot straps.  I love that they match tons of stuff, but when I want to wear them with black I just put on another strap (2 seconds with velcro backing) and off I go.

I just noticed that they have a kids line too and am thinking about getting a pair for LaLa.  My only concern is that she will become addicted too knowing what a fashionista she is!

Check out all the designs HERE at Lindsay Phillips.

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