Friday, March 18, 2011

Superyard XT Gate-Sturdy, Safe, and Convenient

The Superyard XT Gate by North States Industries is a must have if you have an active crawler/toddler who you can not follow 24/7.  We first got our Superyard when LoLo was 7 months old and starting to crawl.  We knew it would be around for awhile, so we searched around, read reviews, and final decided on this one.  We debated about getting one with an operable gate, but when it came right down to it it really seemed like a weak point in the construction and honestly, how often would WE be going in and out?

With the pending birth of LaLa, when LoLo was just turning one year old, (yes, they are 12.5 months apart), we decided to get a second Superyard and connect them together.  Flash forward to baby number 3, Mr. F who is now 9 months old, and we are still using the Superyard.  It has held up to being thrown in a shed, covered in mud when the shed got flooded, mauled by two crazy active preschoolers, and still looks like it did the day we bought it.  I don't think I could kill this thing even if I wanted to!

I also like the design and how sturdy the construction is.  Some gates don't stand up very well on their own at certain angles, but this gate does.  We currently have it against a wall on one side, and curved on the other side and it is sturdy at all points.  It is pretty easy to take off sections, or add on sections, once you have it figured out (first time I just tried to muscle it and ended up injuring myself). So make sure you read all the directions since there is a right and wrong way to do it.

I recommend this gate for any size room because it can be manipulated to fit lots of different shapes and sizes.

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  1. You are so wise! Loved this gate! We had a similar version years ago when my daughter was little. Now she's a tween and I'm blogging about life with her. Come visit and see what you have to look forward to!! :)


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