Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super Baby Foods-Plum Organics

I wish Plum Organics brand had been around with my first son 4 years ago.  It would have been easier on me if it was.  I knew from the start that I wanted to feed my kids healthy, organic foods, and at the time the only brand I was able to find was Earth's Best.  I liked their products, but didn't love them.

Then when it came time to introduce finger foods I was left in a lurch.  There were no organic puffs, no organic meals for kids over 1, and so on.  Third baby, 4 years later, and FINALLY I find Plum Organics.  Not only is their baby food so much better than Earth's Best with great flavors and textures, but also they have a whole line of foods for toddlers, preschoolers, and older.

Here are some of my favorite Plum Organic products:
  • Portable baby food! Baby food in an easy to carry pouch that you can just pour into baby's mouth. No mess in the diaper bag, or fear of carrying jars. I saw on their site you can actually buy a spoon that attaches to the tip.
  • Organic puffs with ingredients that I can interpret! They actually taste good (yes I've tried them), are easy for baby to pick up, and disolve quickly (much faster than Gerber)
  • Organic training meals.  With a 9 month old I have yet to try these, but nice to know that someone is finally making organic meal packs.


  1. You should also check out Ella's Kitchen Their a company from the UK that is transitioning to the US. They have a number of interesting combination that Plum doesn't have. They also come in a pouch and it will give you more choices. Also try Snikiddy puffs. They're baked and have all natural ingredients. Izzy a very picky eater so I've been trying a lot of products to find something that works. I hope this helps. :)

  2. Thanks so much, I will definitely look into those other brands!

  3. Update:
    I tried the training meal pouches with Mr.F and he loved them. That's saying a lot considering he has a strong gag-reflex and that we had tried Earth's Best stage 3 meals (which are similar in texture) and he hated them and threw it back up.
    I can't wait to try more flavors with him. He really liked the chicken, pasta and vegetable pack.


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