Thursday, March 3, 2011

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets UNDER $20

My husband is always looking for new cool gadgets, and I am always asking..."do we really need this?"  So I wasn't surprised when he came home one day with 3 new gadgets for our kitchen. Sigh!  I decided to go along with it and watch him demonstrate their 'need' and why we just had to have these items.  He set up the apple slicer, pineapple corer/slicer, and the banana slicer and I thought...really? A banana slicer?!

I watched him demonstrate these gadgets to me, and I WAS HOOKED!  It sounds so silly, but really I wonder how I ever lived without these.

I know you are thinking, "I can live without those," but really just hear me out.

First, let me tell you that the main reason he purchased these gadgets was for use with our new food dehydrator (which I am learning to love-just not the amount of counter space it takes up).  With these gadgets all the fruit is sliced exactly the same, so every slice is the same size so it is perfect for drying; however, I love these products for everyday use as well.  Let me tell you more about why these products ROCK.

First the apple slicer/corer/peeler by R&M Industries:

This gadget can peel, slice, and core your apple.  I love how it has a super-strong suction cup on the base, and holds tight to any counter surface.  You can choose to just peel, or peel, core and slice.  It slices the apple in a spiral cut which my kids just love.  They both ate a whole large apple each! It was really easy to set up, quick to use, and easy to clean.  All for under $20

The stainless steel pineapple slicer/corer/peeler from Vacu Vin:

This pineapple slicer peels, cores, and slices a whole pineapple in a matter of seconds.  I love that it spiral cuts the pineapple which you can then cut into cute little rings.  Perfect for preschoolers! It cores and peels the pineapple while it slices and leaves behind the outer skin in pristine condition! That means you can use the pineapple as a decoration, or put a fruit salad in it.  I would suggest spending the $4 extra to get the stainless steel one rather than the plastic one since it will last longer and can be cleaned easier.  For only $16 and the minimal amount of space it takes up (since the handle can be removed) this item is a must have!

The last item is the banana slicer by Hutzler:

When you have 2 preschoolers, and an infant, every second of the day is busy.  So when it comes to a handy little cheap gadget to get a job done faster, I am all on it!  This banana slicer cuts any size banana into perfect little pieces.  My kids love to eat their "circles" and I love that it is very easy to clean, and small enough to store in my over-stuffed appliance drawer!  For only $5, it is worth every penny.

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  1. I've never even heard of a banana slicer! Great ideas. :)

    I am sorry that Totsy code didn't work for you. I am guessing they had to take it down because of too much traffic. I had a hard time getting on their site, as well.


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