Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kinectimals-NOT for preschoolers

We were so excited when we got our XBox Kinect and wanted to get some games that our preschoolers (3 and 4) could play.  The first game we thought of was Kinectimals.  I noticed that it got great reviews on and the commercial on tv looked like it would be easy enough for young kids to play-WRONG! This game is not user-friendly for preschoolers.  Oh, how I wish someone had told me that before I bought this game and now can not return it.
Here is why it IS NOT worth buying for a preschooler to play:
  • The introduction with narration can not be fast-forwarded and takes about 7 minutes or so to kids had given up by that point.
  • You have to learn how to 'train' your animal first. This takes a lot of time where you have to listen to long narration in between, then follow specific directions which are too complex for little ones.
  • You can't just do things with your body and have the animal copy you.  I don't know why, but I thought this was the whole point of this game.  I think the company needs to make a Kinectimals for preschoolers with little to no narration.
Games I found my preschoolers did like were:

 Dance Central-my kids loved 'trying' to follow the dancer, but really just got a kick out of performing then seeing themselves in photos at the end. They also liked the free dance portion of each song where they could perform and their shadow dancer would copy them on the screen.

KinectAdventures-the kids favorite game on this was the rafting game.  It is great because an adult can stand next to them and help them out.  They loved jumping over logs, running to the side to escape fast rapids, and cathing points high in the air by reaching up.  Great aerobic workout, and tons of fun.  They also liked seeing the photos of themselves at the end.

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