Friday, March 11, 2011

Heal Baby's Chapped Cheeks

With all the drooling Mr. F is doing right now, his cheeks are super-chapped from him rubbing spit all over! I first discovered Gerber's Grins & Giggles Moisturizing Stick with LoLo when he had a lot of eczema on his cheeks as a baby.  I just love how compact and portable it is.  It looks just like an over-sized chapstick.  The stick is like a non-sticky, hard vaseline that you rub directly onto baby's skin.  It seems to soak in pretty quickly and did not leave a greasy or sticky residue like vaseline does.  I put it on Mr. F's cheeks at night and they are smooth and clear in the morning.  A must-have for any problem area, and safe enough for sensitive skin and those with eczema!

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