Friday, June 17, 2011

Teether Series: Born Free Teether Gum Brush

I just had to include my older post on the Born Free Gum Brush in my Teething Series because it is still one of Mr. F's favorite teethers. 
Mr. F is eating all the food in the house, crawling at warp speed, and drooling like a banshee! I feel like he has been teething since he was born! With that said, I am constantly looking for things to help distract and relieve the pain associated with teething.  The Born Free Teether and Gum brush is a life-saver right now! It has little bristles on the gum brush side that help by rubbing the gum and easing the pain and swelling.  While the large handle on the other side is easy for baby to hold and also can be used as a teether.  The center portion of the teether (the dome shape) also has little nubs on it so it could act as a teether as well.  I found that even at 9 months old he is able to hold it by himself and massage his gums.  I even put it in the fridge to cool down, and he likes it that way too.

Definitely a must-have if you have a teether!

Disclosure: None.  I purchased this teether myself.


  1. I found a vibrating teether at Babies R Us. You can also get it at Amazon here

    I love this teether! We started using it when she first started getting teeth and she even uses it now that her molars are coming in. I also like it's made to be a toothbrush but since it's really soft she uses that as a teether too. I like that it has little hand holds. I hope this helps.

  2. MamaTales,
    Great ideas! You just reminded me I have a vibrating Winnie The Pooh teether from when my son was a baby...if I can just dig around and find that!
    The baby banana toothbrush looks great-I will order that today and try it out.
    Thanks so much!

  3. No problem, I hope they work for you. When all else fails I have some pedilyte pops in the freezer too. She barely has 1/4 of it but the cold and the sweeter flavor will at least stop the consta-whine.


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