Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Plasma Car is perfect for little ones and big ones!

The Plasma Car comes in a variety colors and can be ridden by almost anyone! It received the  Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Platinum Award for 2006, as well as Nominated-Outdoor Toy of the Year in 2006.  This toy is very low to the ground and can be ridden by toddlers, big kids, and even adults.  It can support a rider up to 220 pounds!  My daughter likes to ride it while pushing with her feet, and my son can put his feet up and ride it correctly by toggling the handlebars to make it move forward.  I have even ridden it several times and felt that it was able to support my weight just fine.  The wheels even work well if there is some sand or dirt on the road, and it can glide through water too.

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  1. These look so fun! following you now too from


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