Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Play Table is great for crafts, snacks, or outdoor meals

The Little Tikes Easy Store Jr. Play Table with Umbrella is a great table for toddlers and preschoolers. 
I love how it can fold down completely flat for storage (the benches fold under the table portion), or open up in a locked position that is very sturdy.  

We have had our table for a few years now, and it does not show any wear.  The kids have drawn on it, eaten on it, stood on it, danced on it, pushed it across the name it! I like that it is small enough to keep next to our crowded dining room set without getting in the way.  The benches are very low to the ground (which is why I recommend it for younger kids), so you don't have to worry if they fall off.  It does fit four preschool size kids, but be aware that they will be touching shoulders.  There is also a hole in the middle for an umbrella (which comes with some models); however, if you don't use the umbrella the hole will become a new game for "lost" food! Ugh.  

All told it is a great table, for a great price, that works for any activity.  I can't recommend it highly enough!


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  2. Thanks for the review, I've been thinking about something like this for my kids. Following you now and would love for you to follow me back

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