Friday, January 21, 2011

Toddler-Proof Nail Polish

My almost 3 year old daughter has been asking for months for me to paint her nails.  I always say "when you are older," because I know that she would never sit still long enough for the paint to dry, hence getting it all over the house!
The other day at the store I noticed a new product that would allow me to paint her nails (without polish in a bottle), and she would not have to wait for it to dry either.
The one I bought from a local chain store (starts with a W), was called Sally Hansen Salon Effects and it was $8.99.
This product below is very similar:

It comes in tons of colors, and many crazy prints like butterflies and animal prints.  I bought the bright pink glitter one.
I thought the price was a little steep for 16 nail decals, but I was willing to give it a try.  As it turns out, each decal is large enough for extremely long fingernails, so I was able to use 1 nail strip for about 3 of my daughter's nails.
The way you apply them is to pull off the plastic protective cover, and the paper backing.  Lay it flat against your cuticle (on a clean, buffed nail), stretch it slightly so it grips better. Then you just press it down, file off the excess and that is it!  I did my daughter's nails in about 10 minutes, with no drying time.
They actually look pretty good, and seem to adhere well (much better than any fake nails I could buy).  I haven't seen how long they will last, but it was so much fun and she is extremely happy-so I would say it was worth the money!


  1. Update: The polish is still looking pretty good after over a week. I am amazed that it did not scratch off. I think I might have to use acetone remover to get it off!

  2. Update: The pink glitter decals are VERY hard to remove with acetone nail polish remover. I will try a non-glitter one next and hope it is easier. I think I'll try the Sephora brand on myself in the french manicure. $15 is much better than $30 at the salon!

  3. Update: Tried the butterfly ones today. They go on very easily (like the others), but the pattern is a little too large on my daughter's nails. It is difficult to tell they are butterflies unless you center the pattern on each one. I used only 4 decals to do all her nails.


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