Monday, January 31, 2011

Rayshade For All Your Baby Gear

This rayshade by Kiddopotamus is fantastic on strollers, car seats, or many other baby gear that you would use outside.  It attaches with 4 velcro straps which can stretch to fit most any item.  The shade portion has 2 crossbars for support, and is made of a tightly woven fabric which creates a great sun barrier (UPF 50+), as well as repel water.  It has a few hidden pockets for your keys or other small items, and can be folded into a small attached pouch for storage (about the size of a diaper).

I like the fact that this shade covers every inch of your baby, rather than just the head and shoulders as most standard strollers.  I keep mine folded up in the trunk of my car for those occasions when I might need it, which here in San Diego is often.

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