Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Put that Boppy in the trash...MyBrestFriend is taking over!

Ok, so I didn't really put my old Boppy in the trash...I just never use it for breast-feeding anymore!  Once I heard about the MyBrestFriend Deluxe pillow I just had to try one out. Lucky for me, the breastfeeding support group I was attending at the hospital I gave birth at had some for the moms to use.  I fell in love, and bought one that very day.

My favorite things about the pillow are the back support built into the pillow, the strap that keeps the pillow in place (in case I need to get up and grab something while feeding), and the raised portions in the base that lift baby's head up to the breast.  Most of all, this pillow does not allow for a gap to form against your body for the baby to fall in!

Check it out for yourself and I know you will fall in love :)

*Also suggest you buy one additional cover for those times when baby spits up all over it!

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