Saturday, January 15, 2011

How the Snoogle saved my life!

It only took 3 pregnancies to realize the body pillow, one head pillow, and another at my ankles, just wasn't cutting it.  When my cousin told me about The Snoogle, I was ready to try anything.  I was having constant Braxten Hicks, and was having a lot of trouble sleeping.  I thought that $49 for a pillow was pretty steep, but I decided I would try it out.  It was a life-saver! This pillow looks like a question mark/letter S and is designed specifically for pregnant women (though it is just as great afterwards as well).  I found that when my back was hurting me at night I would put the Snoodle so the large curve was against my spine and it would help realign my back while I slept.  Likewise, you can put the curve against your belly to get more front support.  One portion of the top curve is meant to go under your head to support you as you sleep on your side.  While the other small curve goes between your thighs/knees for hip and leg support.   I now recommend this pillow to everyone, and have found that mine (which is no longer needed at the moment) is circulating among friends who need it.
I highly recommend it; and make sure you buy the cover as well which is sold separately.
Here is link to the cover:

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