Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great sunhat for infants through childhood.

This sun hat by Sunday Afternoon is perfect for the beach, vacation, or anywhere.  It is UPF 50, comes in a variety of colors, and adjusts to fit kids for many years.  I like the air vents in the cap portion, and the fabric in the back which covers the neck, and the backs of ears as well.  The brim in the front is very large and will shade the face all the way down to the neck, yet still be firm enough that it does not flop down.  I even keep my hats rolled up in the diaper bag, and they still unfold to their original shape.

This hat even looks pretty cute on, unlike some of the other ones out there that are just a little too 80s for my taste.  I chose the tan color (shown above) and like that it goes with everything and does not stand out, or get warm in the sun.  The lanyard can be worn under the chin for little ones, or behind the head for older kids. These hats are also available in adult sizes.

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