Thursday, January 27, 2011

And The Winner Of The Best Baby Carrier Is...The Ergo! At Least In My Book.

When I had my first baby, I did what everyone else does, I registered for a Baby Bjorn. All my friends had one, so I figured it must be the best since it was so popular. It wasn't until I had my second child that I realized that I rarely used it, and every time I did my shoulders would be killing me after 20 minutes. I decided to ask other moms in my Mommy group what carriers they heard were good, and quite a few suggested the ERGO carrier. I went to a local store that carries them (granted it was not too easy to find), tried it on in the store with my then 8 month old in it, and fell in love.

The things I love best about this carrier are:
  • The baby feels completely secure and does not jostle around as I felt she did in the Bjorn
  • All of the weight is placed on my hips and does not hurt my back or shoulders
  • The shoulder straps are very padded and comfortable
  • I can put it on with one hand in only 10 seconds!
  • It has a shade cover that completely covers baby's head
  • It has a zippered pocket big enough for my wallet, cell phone, and keys (also has ad-ons for a backpack and/or fanny pack)
  • It can hold a toddler on your back
  • You can wear it on your front (with baby facing you), side, or back
I still find that I love it even with my third child in it.  I did end up buying the heart2heart insert for it:

I found that I needed the insert to help raise my baby's head to the proper position.  The insert turned out to be very comfortable (for myself and baby), and even doubled as a changing pad, and a pillow once for him when he was sleeping!

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